Romería del Cap 2019

Presentation. Saturday 9 June

  • 20:00 h – Poster and events schedule presentation after the service in Nuestra Señora de la Asunción church.

Proclamation. Thursday 13 June

  • 20:00 h – Proclamation of la Romería del Cap 2019 by Mrs Rosario Rodes Alonso.
  • Milagros Román Maciá, singersongwriter performance.

Serenade. Saturday 22 June

  • 20:00 h – Welcoming the audience by the Virgin of Rosary chapel.
  • 20:30 h – Serenade to Virgin of Rosary begins. The Virgin of Rosary will come from the chapel to the stage with the first song by the choir Los Romeros.
  • Flower offering to the Virgin, organized by Hermandad de la Virgen del Rosario.
  • Los Romeros choir
  • El Castell rondalla and choir
  • Sal Marinera dancing group
  • Los Caminantes choir

After the Serenade, there will be a brotherhood dinner where each one will bring their food. During the dinner there will be traditional songs.

Pilgrimage. Sunday 23 June

  • 6:30 h – Meeting in Nuestra Señora de la Asunción church to collect the pilgrim stick canes.
  • 6:45 h – In the church the choir Los Romeros will sing to Virgin of Rosary the traditional pilgrimage jotas.
  • 7:00 h – Strong firecrackers will announce the start of the pilgrimage from the church going to the chapel. Most of the route is along the seaside and it is a unique experience to enjoy of the first sunlights of the day having as background the view of Tabarca island. Midway, in The Chain, there will be a logistic stop where fresh fruit and water will be provided.
  • 10:00 h – Service with Holy Communion by the chapel. Choir Los Romeros will be singing in the service.
  • After the service and until 18 h, chairs and tables can be borrowed in the shed to enjoy a beach day. Please bring your traditional lunch.

Recorrido de la Romería del Cap

There will be a FREE BUS for people with restricted mobility to go to the chapel. It will leave 08:00 h departing from Avenida Fernando Pérez Ojeda and coming back 13:30 h.